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Friday, April 15, 2005

Here's were we put all those great photos of Chatter Creek staff at work and at play. Our Chatter Creek Winter Staff site has more formal portraits and information about staff members. This is the "fun" stuff. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Herb leads the way for the last ski-outing of the year. The 2005 season is over and the staff are out to play.

End-of-season, "First International One-Piece Ski Suit Day" at Chatter Creek. Builder, Chris Hacker and cat driver,Marc Beleyme try to compete with guests, Mari and Rhoda, from Calgary, and Debbie from Canmore. Very pretty, lads! "Hacker's" one-piece really suits. Suck it in, Chris! Looks like you are about to pop something! Sweet! Looks like just another day at the office for Marc Beleyme. Best dressed cat driver at Chatter Creek.

Mari, Rhoda and Debbie were part of a group that got "rained out" in mid-January, but went back to Chatter Creek for a second try in early April. In Debbie's words, the second trip was "one of the best tours of the season". They plan to be back!

Don't miss our Chatter Creek Winter Staff photo gallery.

So this is what it's all about!. Danny takes a day off to ski. This April outing is probably the first of the year. Maybe the first in a couple of years!

Dale enjoying a day of R&R. It does not happen often. With Dale is Les Margetak.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Tail guide Dani Loewenstein serves up a great sequence for photographer John Dougall. Watch that road, Dani.

Dani's been a great help in identifying photos for the Chatter News. Thank's Dani.

Dan Josephson in the Bombardier (now Camoplast) BR 400 road cat.

Carley and Nichola sort out table clothes

Someone fixing a sled with supervison from Danny. Jube's going off bored while Leo gets close and personal with snow.

Dave, Charlotte and Niki, but which Dave? Dave Birnie or Dave Healey?

Nichola and Kristi working the bar. Great service, great smiles and great drinks.

When things get out of hand, Niki can always be counted on to sort it out!